Rhassoul Clay Treatment Tutorial

5:00 PM

Nothing has really changed in my Rhassoul Clay routine, but I wanted to give you a better tutorial since I have a better camera to shoot with now. Enjoy :)

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4 People Obsessing!

  1. I love your hair!!! Are you still using Brazil nut butter to mix? What other butters have you used? Did I hear you say you wash first and apply on damp hair? Thanks for the updated tutorial! :)

  2. Hi KKQ,

    Kinda unrelated to this particular posting of yours, but I asked this question on one of your YT vids and never received a response. How to do maintain a braidout at night? I know you have an older vid about how you maintain a twistout, don't know if you use that same method for the braidouts as well or not.

    Thank you!

  3. I love you hair!!!!
    What kind of Camera do you use now?

  4. @Margaret Thanks! Yes I do and it's the only butter I used in my rhassoul mixes. I haven't had the chance to experiment with and thing else. And yes I wash 1st and applied to damp hair.

    @Cecily I usually pull it back into a low ponytail and cover with a satin scarf. I'll try to record a tutorial of this soon.

    @Jennifer Thank you! I've been using my phone, a Samsung Epic 4g (Galaxy S) to record my recent videos. I love my phone!


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