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Hey Ladies! Today I wanted to share with you another fab site that I stumbled upon called www.FlowersFromFatima.com. Fatima creates and sells these gorgeous handmade flower hair clips that you see above. Her pieces can be worn for many different occasions. Dress them up with a chic dress or use them to add pop to a plain tee and jean look. Keep reading to learn more about the young lady behind the brand...

Fatima's inspiration....
"Growing up, my father decided to pursue a family run program for the improvement of our neighborhood. Alone, my family and I turned the neighborhood into a paradise. We attracted exotic butterflies, birds, and positive energy that seemed foreign to the complex and this beauty lasted for many Summers. It was then, 10 years ago, that I found an attraction for natural beauty and have grown to connect with our Mother Nature in all ways possible. In mid-December, my father passed, but his vision and dream of hope lives through my flowers"
Want to know what else is great?? Fatima is now offering a very generous discount of 40% off exclusively to Naturally Obsessed readers. All you have to do is enter "Naturally40" into the promo code box before checking out....and that's it!!  Offer ends on Sept. 21st exactly one week from today, so act fast before the offers runs out. Happy shopping ladies :)
Seriously...how pretty are these hair sticks!! You can also stay up to date with Flowers From Fatima by following her on Twitter @FlowersFFatima doing so will keep you in the know about other deals and discounts available.

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3 People Obsessing!

  1. I love the flower hair clips! Wish I had those for the trip I took to FL!

  2. Beautiful! I will definitely have to buy some. :)

  3. I love Fatima's stuff. It is just as beautiful in person as in the pics if not more so.


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