Would You Put Sunscreen On Your Hair??

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Yes Yes Yes...summer is here and the sun is out! As much as we love it can be damaging to our skin and hair, so we must protect it. Now, we already to put to sunscreen on our skin whenever we step out, especially to the pools and beaches, but would you put sunscreen on your hair?? Check the article and recipe I found below.

(Article via Nuts4Stuff.com) Pools and that awful chlorine can also rob your beautiful hair of its glory. If you're not careful, blondes can find themselves sporting that striking new shade of green. Did you know that just wetting your hair first with regular water not pool water before you jump in and swim can prevent that new shade? However, I found a wonderful homemade spray you can make in your kitchen to help in your battle from sun-baked summer hair. You will need a clean empty spray bottle to fill up with this brew.

Summer Hair Protector Recipe

•leave-in conditioner

Mix equal parts of all three of those ingredients into your empty clean spray bottle until filled.
Spray your hair every time you get it wet in the pool or give it a squirt through every so often if you're hat less and lingering in the sun for a long time. Be sure to comb the squirt of hair protector through with your hand to distribute it evenly. This will help keep that hair feeling softer and save it from damage!

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6 People Obsessing!

  1. wow regular sunscreen for hair? Hmm..I normally use oils or thick butters like shea butter. I will have to do further research on this.

  2. I love this pic! Thanks for the summer tips.


  3. Shea butter is a natural sun protectant, if you don't want sunscreen chemicals in your hair.

  4. I recently blogged about this exact thing as I am moving to the desert and don't want to begin to use chemicals on my hair just because of the climate change!! I was able to find that a lot of the products most of us use daily actually have a small level of SPF. I also found out about some natural oils that are better than store bought products!! Search sunscreen on the blog when you can!

    Kay @LoveNWright

  5. i always spray a little sunscreen on my hair before I hit the pool. my mom gets pissed. I could care less. I'm not trying to protect it from the chlorine though... just wet hair from the sun.

  6. Haha who would have thought? Awesome :)


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