Obsessed Mail: Stiff Braidout...Help!

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Enjoli writes...

First, I enjoy your blog and Tumblr and follow you on Twitter. You are my hair crush so I’m reaching out for some help.
I just started wearing my hair naturally after years of using a flat iron. I wondered whether you had a regimen that you could suggest. I was trying to cull information from your site but didn’t see where there was one post where you broke down from shampoo to style. If a post like that does exist, please direct me to it. I’m just looking for some direction as I begin this journey.
Last night, I washed/conditioned my hair and used Aussie Moist as a leave-in for a braid out. This morning I had nice texture and curls but my hair is hard and stiff… It might have been the Taliah Wajiid gel I added at the very end. Do you have any suggestions? Also what do I do tonight? Re braid it. And what should I use to hopefully soften it up for tomorrow. I guess I’m reaching out because you seem to be very well-versed and while I realize my hair is different from yours, I am feeling lost as to where to even begin. Thanks for taking the time out to read.
Thanks for the blog love and compliments. I actually broke down my hair regimen HERE, so take a look at it and feel free to substitute my favorite products with your own. I think your first mistake was using the Aussie Moist conditioner as a leave in. Some rinse out conditioners just don't like to be left in lol! I've never used Taliah Wajiid gel before, but layering that with the conditioner is probably why your hair felt so stiff. Next time  rinse out the conditioner, apply a leave in or oil or moisturizer, and then apply the gel. If you don't have time to wash, then I suggest spritzing your hair with a moisturizing spray and re-braid. This should soften your hair and at the same time maintain the look you were going for.

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  1. Yea i've used aussie moist conditioner as a leave-in before and had the same results for my twist-outs and braidouts. I had the stiffness and always thought it was just me not knowing how to do it right but then I switched to giovanni conditioner and my hair is now soft and fluffy without any stiffness. I also use cantu leave-in and get more definition along with softness. Aussies just a great detangler to me but needs to be washed out. It also gave me a ton of buildup.

  2. It depends on your hair... I use a lot of different things as a leave in... but I have dry type 4 hair. (well mine is never dry. I keep it moisturized... you get the point). i can use aussie moist as a leave-in. I just don't add gel to do twistouts or braidouts. to tell you the truth, I don't own gel. I have this putty that I use around my edges every blue moon... but that's it.

    If you have naturally coily hair like me, try:

    Aussie Moist again as a leave-in.. just don't add gel this time. that can make ANYTHING stiff.

    or try Elasta QP Olive Oil and Mango Butter. This one's a moisturizer but it works pretty good as a leave in as well.



  3. Try the Take Down hair product system, their products don't have alcohol in them so they won't dry your hair out when you're doing the braidout or twistout hair style


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