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This letter was not a question and answer type of message, but I wanted to share it with you guys to hopefully encourage anyone going through the same thing. There some things you just can't find answers to by reading a blog, sometimes you must seek professional help. So, if your blessed to have healthcare and you recognize some of the same issues with your own hair, make an appointment asap. The sooner the better!

Tsahai writes -

Hello, just wanted to stop by and say thank you. I read your post about hair loss, seeing that I'm having that issue. Being a young black woman it's hard dealing with being natural on the whole when it's not accepted since it's not "in". But dealing with hair loss as well is hard, and I honestly never had the strength or guts to go to the dermatologist, I researched sites to see who would have info and no one did at least when it came to kinky hair. Reading your post and different things you can try inspired me to see a doctor. I did and was told I had early stages Alopecia, today was my first session of Cortizone (steroids) injection shots to my scalp it's just a small section of my hair but mainly in the middle. The shots I got was of mild dose, 25 shots to be exact, a little uncomfortable feeling. My doctor said more Black women are affected by it due to perm, weaves, braids, etc. I've always had long thick hair and I received my first perm at 9 because of that. She informed me that perm basically burns off your hair after a time. In the section where I'm affected it looks as though I never had hair there ever. I'm 25 now and my last perm was 2009, just made a year with my Big Chop. My treatment is once a month for 6 moths however if it takes 6 months to grow back the shots aren't working. Hopefully I see a change within 2 months. *Crosses fingers. Just wanted to say thank you for the encouragement, you and many other sisters out their really make a difference. Thank you. :-)
Your very welcomed, thanks for allowing me to share your story!!

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  1. It is really great to hear this story! This happened to me as well once I stopped getting relaxers. Out of no where I would have patches at random times with not one strand of hair! I went to the dermatologist and got a topical foam to put on the spots and it just makes the hair grow faster but thank God I haven't made any new discoveries since November. I hope that everything goes well for you as well Tsahai.

  2. @ Vibrant1 thanks a lot, appreciate it. :-)

  3. So many people suffer from hair loss and feel alone, sharing this story is a great way to communicate that this is a widespread issue that many deal with - Thanks!


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