Obsessed Mail: I'm Not Feeling My Texture!

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"I'm basically confused and fed-up to a point of no end!  I'm currently transitioning (I think) from relaxed to natural. But I don't want to stop there. I always wanted a dry curly, wavy look, somewhat like what you have. But unlike you I was not blessed with such great quality natural hair. I was thinking of putting in a wave nouveau to try to get that curly look, but have been getting such bad reviews about the product. I was wondering if you could help me or at least advice me on how to get such healthy, long, curly hair such as yours. I am desperate at this point because my hair is in need of some serious help. please keep in mind that I was not born with naturally curly hair, but rather very coarse and hard hair. Thanks in advance". -Tanzz91210

Hi! First things first...there is absolutely no product, besides texturizers or silkners, on the market that can give you someone else's hair texture. It's just not possible. The textures that each and everyone of us has, was not something that we got to choose ourselves, but was already planned for us to have. I can't give you any advice or product recommendations to achieve my look, because it's mine. I think the bigger issue is your acceptance of self or lack thereof. When one decides to go natural and is going through the transitioning phase, she must first be in it for herself. To look like herself. To be herself. To appreciate and love herself the way she is naturally. Beginning your journey and wishing for someone else's texture is not going to do anything for you except make you even more frustrated with your own texture. I don't think my hair is perfect at all, but I work with it. Be creative with your hair and try some new things. In the meantime, you sure to find some inspiration specific to your texture just by searching YouTube. Based on your description of your hair I found this video while I was typing this response lol...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=INXVLWkSn5k.

You see it's not so much about what kind of texture a woman has, it's how she rocks it. If you have enough confidence in yourself, than you can rock just about any look and get a way with it!

If any of you have any words of advice please share them below :) 

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