Whatchu Been Up To KKQ??

2:54 PM

I've been getting this message a lot and my response is...nothing much! I've been kind of lazy to be honest, especially with my hair. As far as styling goes, it's braid outs all the way. Takes me about 30-45 minutes to set my hair in braids and after a day it's dry and ready to be unraveled and fluffed. I get a cute style without the tangled fuss. In the picture above I set my braids using Cantu Shea Butter Leave In on wet hair. I purchased this jar a few months ago for Niecey poo's hair, but her hair didn't like it too much. While going through my product stash, I came across it and decide to give another go on my hair. Loved it! The pic above is actually 3rd day hair, it still hair nice shine and definition. Most importantly it still had it's softness.

I also recently tried a new washing/detangling method. The recent events("drama" lol!) on YouTube had me going through older vids of others and I came across KimmayTube's "Updated Wash & Detangle Routine" video. I won't detail the whole video here, because you can watch it by clicking the link, but she has a method of applying her shampoo, lather up, squeeze out the suds and then apply the conditioner on top of that. Then of course rinsing it out. I tried it the other day using Elucence Shampoo and Conditioner and it worked like a charm. The only thing I did differently was I used a Castor and Grapeseed Oil mix instead of Ex. Virgin Olive Oil like she did, prior to applying the shampoo. Have you tried this method yet...thoughts??

Also, lately I've been having a terrible itch to flat iron my hair. The MaxiGlide just keeps calling my name lol! My plan is to not straighten my hair until early next year, hopefully I can stick to it. To satisfy my craving I'll be tiny twisting my hair up in a few weeks. Tiny twists will give me the length fix and a much needed break from detangling that straight hair would. We'll see how it goes...

How has your weekend been so far?

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