Time To Change It Up...Old Man Winter Is On His Way!!

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(Original post date Sept. 19, 2009)

This year summer flew by like nobody's business and old man winter is already creeping around the corner. So the same way we prepare our homes, cars and wardrobe for the chilly weather we must do the same for our hair. No drastic routine changes will be needed but, the extra effort to protect and maintain your healthy locks will indeed pay off.

Here are a few easy tips to that have helped my hair brave the cold...

Protective Styling

The less manipulation the better. Twists, braids, cornrows are awesome protective styles that are very easy to do and will prevent tangling in the hair which means less combing and brushing. Buns and funky up-dos, accented with chic and colorful accessories are great as well. And remember protective styling does not have to be boring have fun with it and be creative. In a few weeks I"ll definetly be putting in my tiny twists to give myself a break from my hair. As my hair grows and the thicker it gets, the more effort it comands.....which means more work for me, I need this break lol!

Condition Condition CONDITION!!!

Properly conditioning your should be a year round thing in my book. I co-wash my hair once a week and deep condition once a week normally, but for the winter I like to throw in some hot oil treatments too. Olive Oil mixed with Coconut Oil is a great combo. Pre-pooing with Castor Oil and Grapeseed Oil works well too. My new fav hair treatment is Rhassoul Clay, I'm still trying to work it into my hair routine. I'll also be replenishing my hair stash with more Cassia. I haven't done one of those treatments in a while, but I will be when I get some more.

Get A Trim

If your ends are already in good shape disregard this tip. But if you know your ends have been looking a little raggedy lately with splits and knots, it is time for them to go. Hanging on to those bad ends will only lead to more problems. And remember a trim and a cut are two different. If your are brave enough to trim your hair yourself, take your time, don't rush.  If you prefer the expertise of a professional make sure you are paying close attention to what is being done to your hair.  Be clear on what your expect from your stylist and don't be afraid to nag. Heck its your hair and being a professional doesn't mean they always do what's in the best interests of their clients.

Keep The Gunk Off Your Scalp

This tip should be enforced all year long lol! Nothing says healthy hair like having a clean and build-up free scalp. With all the deep conditioning and normal conditioning you'll be doing, you need to keep your scalp clean or else you'll just be putting product on top of product. Not only are you sufficating your scalp, but the look and feel of your hair will suffer. Who really wants dull, limp and dirty hair?

This list could be a lot longer, but I really want to hear from you guys, how do you maintain your healthy hair in cold weather?

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