**Updated : Solange Chats It Up With Oprah!!!!!

5:39 PM

With the recent let down of Tyra Banks failing to inform the masses about black hair and the issues that black women have with our hair, I'm hoping Oprah handles the real issues like the vet that she is.  If you follow Solange Knowles on twitter then you know how excited she is about her appearance.  I'm excited for her, not just because she cut her hair off, but that she is slowly coming out of her sister's shadow.  Alot of people slept on her last album, I loved it.  So hopefully with this appearance she can broaden audience and get the recognition she deserves.   The show airs Wednesday, Sept. 30th.

Oh and Chris Rock will be there promoting is Good hair documentary also :-)

Below is a brief summary of what to expect courtesy of Solange-K.net ....

Perms, extensions, highlights…secrets exposed! Then, why Beyonce’s sister Solange chopped it all off. Plus, Oprah’s own hair history unraveled! Emmy-winning comedian Chris Rock talks to Oprah about his new documentary, Good Hair. Plus, Beyoncé’s little sister, singer Solange Knowles.

Will you be watching?

**Looks like the show will focus more on Chris Rock's upcoming film, but I'll still gonna watch....I'm soo excited!!!


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