Just A Thought .... I miss my old length!

8:43 PM

A couple of days ago I changed my profile picture on Twitter to the one below. I've been recieving so many compliments as if it were a recent photo but its not. This picture was taken a year and some months ago. I love the picture today but I remember wanting my hair to be longer at that time. I hated the fact that my hair was growing upward instead of downward. I don't even think I wore this outside. Now that my hair is longer I wish that I had enjoyed my shorter length more. If I tried this same style on my hair today it wouldn't even look the same. When I try to pin my twist outs up now the hair just flops to the side, it doesn't give that nice profile like before. I'm not complaining that hair is growing its just a thought.....

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  1. I totally understand how you feel I am wanting my hair to grow longer so I can do style that will allow me to pin up the hair. But I will do my best to appreciate the length that I have now. The pic do look really great!

  2. Man, I'm right where you were in this pic with my current length. I'll definitely miss the easy styling at this length but I'm longing for the versatility of longer hair! And to be able to do a solid ponytail w/out straightening!!

  3. Just decided to look at your oldest posts and I'm glad i did. I want my hair to grow so bad that I'm not enjoying what I can do with it now...thanks for the reminder.


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