Teyana Taylor's Hot Curls

5:09 PM

I just had to post these pics right here....HOT.  I don't know why this chick is famous or even if that gorgeous hair is all hers, but she always keeps those curls looking right.  These pics are from a recent photo shoot and she posted the pics on Twitter.

** If you have the length and thickness this look could easily be achieved with 2 strand twists.  On co-washed, detangled hair apply a moisturizer ( I would use Cantu Shea Butter Leave In) .... Twist the hair into medium sized twists and apply Unrefined Shea Butter to the ends.  Allow hair to fully dry, then unravel with Coconut Oil for shine **

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5 People Obsessing!

  1. It's all hers...

  2. It is so pretty and thick. Isn't she the daughter of rapper Easy E (who passed years ago). I think so. i remember seeing her on MTV's Sweet 16. The second pic (when looked at quickly) reminds me of CurlyNikki

  3. uhhh no its naot all her its ahh lace weave dumb dumb and shes not eazy e daughter omg yuhr soo white lmfao

  4. Negative responses are unneccesary and immature. And please use spell check if your unsure on how to properly spell a word(s).

  5. Dang, all that was unnecessary.
    Ive heard it's a lace front. & that her real hair isn't much to look at, like thin and pretty short and relaxed. Observe: http://i41.tinypic.com/1tk411.jpg


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