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KinkyKurlyQueen, I wanted to contact you and let you know that your YouTube videos, Fotki, and website have helped me so much during the process of becoming natural. I am not a member of any of these sites, hence you receiving an E-Mail from me :). Beginning my journey my hair short and brittle, with help from ladies like you willing to share your hair stories, my hair is now healthy, completely natural and longer. I went natural January 2007 (NO BIG CHOP!) to begin the journey of learning more about myself, not as a hair journey. Friends supported me going natural, because they saw an internal change in me, that was suited for such. Family on the other hand was skeptical and wasn't entirely comfortable with my...nappy roots.lol. What helped kept me motivated was inspiring youtube videos from women just like me. I come from a small town in Upstate,NY where there aren't many black Americans, let alone black Americans that embraced their natural hair.

My current regime: (in individual braids)
•co wash weekly: aussie moist
•deep condition bi-weekly: 3minute miracles (Aussie) mixed with coconut oil
•leave in: (see kimmaytube)
•satin scarf for sleeping

I currently do not have any hair goals, except to keep my hair healthy by any means. My favorite style would have to be...my afro puff :) but people say its young looking so I'm constantly in and out of braids (which has actually saved my hair, seeing otherwise I cannot keep my hands out of it). Curly girls have more fun, because any other way...just isn't natural =D
-Thank you again for your help! Keep up the positive work!

Thank you Nana! You definitely put a a smile on my face this morning :) Such a sweet message to wake up to. To inspire other women has always been my goal through my videos, fotki, blog, etc. Even if I inspire only one, I know that I've done something. So your letter is very much appreciated :) Your hair regime is pretty simple and to the point and from what you've said, it's thriving. My only advice is to stick with what works for you. It can only get better!! Be blessed -KKQ

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  1. My name is Melissa:

    I am from Syracuse, NY (born and raised). I made the decision to wear my natural in October 2009. Best decision I ever made. Starting to see more women make the decision to wear their hair natural here in Syracuse.

  2. @Anonymous Awesome!!! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. @KKQ
    Do you have your hair journey documented somewhere on your blog or youtube. Your hair is beautiful. Trying to see how long it took you to grow to your current length... did you big chop or transition... thx.

  4. I was wondering do you receive messages through your youtube channel or just through your email address?


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