4 Weeks Twisted...Preparing For A Take Down

4:14 PM

My twists hit the 4 week mark on Saturday, but I've been dragging my feet to take them down. I really want to keep them in for one more week, but I noticed some tangles due to stray hairs and a little dandruff (yuck), so these twists have got to go! I'll start the take down tonight, after me, hubby and the kids take in a fireworks show, and hopefully I finish by tomorrow afternoon. Once all the twists are out I plan to dust off my Huetiful Steamer ( I haven't used it in months lol!) for a quick pre poo, shampoo and then apply Rhassoul Clay for an overnight treatment. I'll probably do braid outs for the next 2 weeks to give my hair a rest and then right back to twists.

I got bored that night and measured my sides...15 inches *does Beyonce shoulder shimmies* lol!!
I'll try and remember to measure the rest for a proper length update :)

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8 People Obsessing!

  1. Do you use a heat protectant when you blow dry for these twists? They look so good and I want to do try them out!

  2. Props to you for keeping them in that long. My hair would never last that long in twists lol. And they still look good too! Happy 4th!



  3. They still look SO Good! I definitely know what you mean about the wash .. It has to be done LOL .. Once it starts itching it's a WRAP lol

  4. can't wait for mine to get longer. they only last a week T.T

  5. I wish when I do small twists on my hair it comes out as full. Unfortunately it doesnt :-(. But I absolutely love your hair.

  6. how do you keep your scalp from itching bad?

  7. shrinkage is a mofo. ur hair is growing beautifully. the pic has a blurred look to it, but the twists still look proper. 4 weeks rocks.


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