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Hi. I'm currently transitioning and I'm having the hardest time detangling my hair. Like when I detangle, the relaxed part gets tangled again. I also moisturized my hair after washing, but it's still very very dry. Do you have any suggestions on how to maintain moisture and properly wash and detangle my hair? Also, whats your weekly regimen like? I washed my hair today and I have no idea what to do to it tomorrow. Do I moisturize it? Co-wash it? I'm clueless lol thanks :)
Hello :) When transitioning, detangling through the two textures (relaxed and natural) is one of the most difficult things to master. But here's a few things that should make this part of your hair journey much easier...

• Always detangle your hair wet and saturated with conditioner that gives you lots of slip. If money is tight you can always use cheap conditioners like Sauve or VO5, which retail for about $1-$2 and add your favorite oils to give them more slip when co-washing and detangling.
•Detangling after deep conditioning has greatly helped me to keep my hair on my head and not on the floor lol! DC'in first allows the conditioner to soak in and soften the hair.
• Section your hair when detangling. Sectioning may seem like an extra step that will take up more time, but in my experience it has made the process go by quicker. You'll be able to get through smaller sections much quicker, rather than trying to get your comb/brush though a bigger one.
•After you detangle one section...before moving on, braid that section so it doesn't get tangled again.
•Use a wide tooth comb and always take your time. Never try to rush through it.

When it comes down to maintaining moisture, a lot of it has to do with the products you use and of course your regimen. Make sure your using products that are water based and try to stay away from sulfates, because that can strip your hair leaving it with a dry feel. Don't just grab the product that says its moisturizing, turn it around and read the ingredients list for yourself. And always apply a sealant to your hair keep the moisture locked in. You can find my hair regimen >> HERE!

If you guys have any other advice that I may have left out please leave it in the comments below :)

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  1. Hi,

    Great advice, KKQ. I think Darcy Botanical's Coconut Lemongrass Transitioning Cream is a really good hair moisturizer. Price range, it's okay. I use it and I'm not a transitioner, I first tried it out on my already natural hair when a transitioning relative purchased it. Also, I have heard wonderful things about the Daily Leave-In too. Oh, and I wanted to add maybe the poster needs to check and see if the hair products, shampoo, conditioners, gels contain protein. Like for instance, does the product description or ingredients say vitamins, or pro-vitamin or strengthening, or repair? Because maybe you are getting too much protein and that may be what is causing some of the dryness. If so, you may want to cut back on SOME of those products and use more products without those types of ingredients.


  2. Hello,

    I forgot to add maybe you could wash your hair while in some jumbo sized two strand twists or braids to minimize the tangles. Also you might want to try pre pooing (pre shampoo treatment, doing this can protect your hair from harsh shampoo ingredients) your hair.

    You can do a internet search for prepooing natural hair if you don't know what this is but basically you pick what type of prepoo treatment you want to use and then you choose the length of time you leave your prepoo in and next you shampoo your hair along with the prepoo out and condition as normal.

    Types of PrePoo treatments are: using regular conditoner, natural oils (Castor oil, Olive oil, or any combo of oils if you want), you can mix some conditioner with honey (great for dry hair) or just use honey with some oil, there are many variations and the length of time you leave this prepoo treatment on depends on you. Some prepoo for 30 minutes to an hour or hours, then there are those who prepoo at night and then proceed to wash and condition their hair the next day. Hope this helps.



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