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7:55 PM

Hey ladies! I know it's been a whollle week since my last posting, but I promise you I haven't forgotten about you guys. Computer issues and just not having enough time is to blame. Today I just wanted to give you guys a little hair update....My twists are going on 2 weeks old and are holding up pretty well. I've been spritzing (with water) and baggying my ends almost every other night and oil massaging my scalp whenever I can remember to lol! I retwisted a few in the front earlier this week to keep it looking fresh...and that's it!

I also wanted to give big THANK YOU to all of you who wished Niecey Poo a happy 4th birthday. We had such a good...even though it rained like crazy!!

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6 People Obsessing!

  1. Yay your back...I was beginning to get scared, lol =) Hey KKQ can you check out my website and youtube channel?

    Here are the links:

  2. By the way you and your twists are gorgeous! =)
    I can't decide if I love your puffs and braidouts or your braids and twists better!

  3. You are so committed. Good for you and your twists look great.

  4. @kinkyKurlyQueen what do you moisturize your hair with? I read somewhere that you are suppose to moisturize your hair with something then lock in in with some oil like coconut oil or shea butter.My hair is really dry and it just seems like anything i use next day my hair dry again. Im new to being natural if you can give some advice that would be great.Peace

  5. Girl, speaking for myself, I know things can get busy so when you are not here (even though you are missed) it is understandable!


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