Obsessed Mail: I Want To Go Natural!

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A N.O. reader writes-

I was just browsing through FabSugar because I'm thinking about joining the network to publish a fashion/style blog and I came across your blog and I love it.  Just the other day a girlfriend and I broke down and got perms and we got an earful from our friends who have natural hair minus the perms.  LOL!  We both are against weaves and have naturally long hair..but when it comes to taming our locks, we go for the "conks" as my friend Monica the dread lock diva calls them.  I go about two - three months without a perm and tend to give up on the thick long hair challenge..the harder it gets for me to manage.  For one, I would have to learn about products and how to style my hair.  It's always been easier for me to manage and tame my locks with a perm and heat.  However when I look at Corrine Bailey Rae or anyone else with natural long locks I always wonder.."wow, could mine look like that too if I just leave it alone and learn to care for it minus the heat and chemicals?"

Your blog is inspirational and who knows..by this time next year I may not be getting perms anymore..let's hope that I make it through the summer
getting less of them, first:-)

All the best,
N. Turner

Being natural is an awesome thing.  But It has to be something you want for yourself, not to please anyone else.  If you can't honestly say that your ready for this than wait until the time is right.  Natural hair is less about styling and saying you have "natural hair".  Its more about finally be comfortable and honest with self.  I transitioned for a year and a half for that very reason...I just was not ready.  That long transition gave me time to prepare myself for all the things life seems to throw at you when you go natural.  The stares and rude comments from family, co-workers...etc.  All that combined can break a chick down if she's mentally prepared for it.  When I finally wore my natural hair to work for the first time I was nervous, but confident at the same time.  Nothing they could say could break me down.  I felt free and sure of myself for the first time as an adult and I still feel that way today. 

Learning how to style and maintain you hair is a learning process.  But with a lot of practice, patience and trial & error, you'll be able to figure out what works best for your hair.

Good Luck to you :-)


If you have any other advice please leave in the comments below :)

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