Hair Diary: Cortney V.

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KKQ...I am a HUGE fan of yours! 

I got my last relaxer in the spring of 2005 right before I graduated college.  I'm not exactly certain when it became fully natural because I didn't do the BC.  I decided to continue to get it straightened (which I don't recommend) until my stylist, a fellow cheerleader at my college, decided to graduate and move back to California (how dare ).  I decided to go natural because even though my hair was just past my shoulders relaxed, it completely stopped growing and it was not as thick and full as I liked.  A couple of my friends were natural and I love, love, LOVED their hair, so they were my motivation to go through with the process...and it is a process!

My mom was supportive, but not many more people!  My father and other relatives would frequently make fun of me calling me Ceelie from the Color Purple (when I would prepare for twist-outs) and saying I looked like a slave.  It was extremely hurtful!  I was already super self conscious about going out in public with my hair "undone" and almost equally self conscious about the end result of my look when it was "done".  I really had to try hard to ignore some people and educate others.  It really helped when my then boyfriend, now husband, supported my new look and encouraged me to keep at it, knowing that I would find the look I wanted.  He loves my hair natural, which is not as common in black men.  But I continued to be steadfast and focus on my goal which was and still is, healthier and happier hair!

Hair routine.  Yeah...don't really have one...even after all these years!  I am trying to find one though.  I had began a routine of doing twist outs weekly or biweekly, but that got kinda old.  Now I am trying lots of styles that KKQ suggests along with  other wonderful ladies on youtube...wish I would have know about them in 2005!  I usually wash once a week which is generally every time a style is over.  I would like to do more co-washes and I'm currently in the process of purchasing more products to see where I get the best results and so that I can pull from my collection the right product for the right style, something KKQ seems to have mastered!  I wanna be like her when I grow up! 

My goals are to continue to get to know my hair, know what it needs and when.  To keep it healthy and happy.  I would like to achieve better length (which I think is hand in hand with health) only because it was so much longer before and I know it can be.  But I also want to continue to be an example and role model of a black woman with natural hair.  I have brought in 5 (and counting) new naturals who look to me for advice and support and I constantly have other people asking about natural hair and complimenting me.  It feels great to have such a huge impact on other women!

My advice would be:
Stay true to YOURSELF and don't worry about what others think about your hair.  Being natural is beautiful and there is nothing wrong with it and EVERYTHING right with it!
Hang in there!  It is a process and it WILL be trying, but if your goal truly is having healthy hair and doing what's right, YOU CAN DO IT!
Don't reinvent the wheel.  There are soooo many people just like you who have done what you're doing.  Use your resources to find great styles, products, and support...start with YouTube!
Be patient and love your hair...I love myself more now than ever because of my choice (hope that doesn't sound arrogant), but you will learn so much about yourself and TRUE beauty if you give your hair a chance and wait for the results..they will come!
Don't compare your natural hair to others.  "My hair won't look like yours..."  You're probably right, but you may be don't know what goldmine is sitting under those roots, so stop comparing yourself to everyone else and really devote your time, effort, and even money, to finding products and styles that work best for YOU!
My YouTube name is CurlyCort. Thanks so much and thanks for recommending Bee Mine products!  I love their line!

Great story..Thx Cort :-)

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