My Top 5 Conditioners

1:26 AM

1. Pantene ProV Hydrating Curls : My all time favorite condish. Mixes well with any other products and is an excellent leave in.
2. ORS Oilve Oil Replenshing Conditioner : Another great product that will give you an amazing deep conditioning treatment is just as good for co washes too.
3. Bed Head Moisture Maniac : This was the first conditioner I purchased as a natural. The scent is awesome and it gives great slip.
4. Organix Smoothing Shea Butter Conditioner : Good buy. Nice smell. I sometimes mix this with some coconut oil for a relaxing deep condition.
5. Suave Tropical Coconut : If you ever need a conditioner that's cheap,light weight and smells yummy this perfect for you.

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