Q : How long does it take to get good at styling your own hair...what do you suggest? - Anonymous

1:52 PM

A : There really is no set time on when one becomes good at styling their hair.  For some it takes a lot of practice, for other it kinda comes naturally.  When I was young we really couldn't afford to go to a stylist whenever we needed our hair done, so we got creative and learned to do it ourselves.  I've been doing my own hair since I was a like 13.  I did my own relaxers, sew-ins, trims, wraps you name it.  And I still that way when it comes to my natural hair. 

If you are someone who struggles with how to style their hair, relaxed or natural, YouTube is a great resource for all kinds of hairstyles.  Click on my YouTube channel link and check out some of my subscriptions.

I hope this helps.


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