I'm Back....Well Almost

2:27 PM

I know it may seem like I've abandoned my blog but, I'm happy to report that posts will resume as normal later this week.  Life has become extremely hectic lately so blogging hasn't really been a top priority these past few weeks.  What would really make this whole blogging thing a little more enjoyable for me would be some feedback from my followers.  Let me know what you guys think about the blog, because its really here for you not me.  If there are topics you'd like me to discuss, feel free to send me a private message or leave a comment.  I love helping others with their hair journeys and giving advice when asked. So to all my followers your feedback is necessary and will be greatly appreciated.

That's it for now

Check back later this week for more updates.


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6 People Obsessing!

  1. Hello KKO
    Just giving some feedback. I just started on her yesterday and really love what you're doing over here. I normally watch your channel and love your hair.I really look forward to seeing more from this page. I'll email you with my hair questions. Although I've natural for years, I'm just learning how to properly care for my hair.

  2. Hey KKQ! Love your blog, you tube channel and fotki album! Its so inspirational. I recently BC'd 4/10 and lovin it. I would love to know differnet ways to style a twa. I have been rocking a wash and go and mini twits for the first few weeks but now I'm kinda like what's next.... Keep doing what you do and wish you the best.

  3. welcome back sis---please, please, please keep your blog up and running---i'm so glad i found you while i was blog surfing---you have taught me so much when it comes to caring for my hair--i've been natural for about 12 years now and for real, i thought just washing and conditioning it was enough---but with your teachings, i've learned how to keep it up and how to co-wash and mosturize---i've always loved my natural hair but i'm loving it more and more at this moment--so from one natural sistah to another i love ya and keep on keep'n on---{wit' ya badd self!!}----

  4. Hey!! Thank you so much for the blog posts. I follow you on YouTube as well as Fotki. You have been an inspiration and I have learned a lot about natural hair (I haven't even been natural a year yet but your tips have helped tremendously and I get lots of compliments - lol). Keep the blogs coming!! What types of styles did you typically wear when ur hair was about 6-7 inches in length? I feel like I'm at that "in-between" stage, it isn't real short but still not long.

  5. I love your blog and your hair! I have a suggestion/request, can you give some ideas for summer time styles? I am in NC and it is very humid already and my hair is so frizzy. I feel like the only way I can control it is with a puff. I don't have a TWA anymore (its about the length your hair was last March/April). This is my first summer with natural hair.


  6. Glad you are back! Even though this is the first time I have visited your blog.

    I know how it feels to have a lack of comments on your blog - I am currently experiencing the same thing! I will try and visit you often.


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