Bad Hair Day ... Eh Fuget About It!

12:01 PM

Grab a hat and keep it moving.  Hats are a great accessories to have no mater if your natural or relaxed.  They protect your hair from cold and hot weather, and can be a decoy when disguising a jacked up do.  I like to slap one on when I'm deep conditioning and need to run a few errands at the same time.  And of course they can add some spice to any dull outfit.

Casual & Fun 

Big & Beautiful

Simple & Chic 

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3 People Obsessing!

  1. I'm loving the Casual and fun styles. I actually make those too. i can't wear hats for nothing though.

  2. me and hats do not get along---but a scarf?---oh yeah baby---i can rock a scarf---but not for long---my head starts ta' feelin' like its about to suffocate--{LOL}---But those hats are cute---something my daughter would wear--she stole the only hat i've ever had since i went natural and she wont give it back---Oh well---i lubbz her!!!----remain blessed!!!

  3. I'm semi-newly natural (and new to this page) but i love the casual and fun styles! i actually make them myself but they are soOo great for if you're not feeling your hair or just for the style. I've never been a big hat person but i have a pattern for one of the "big and beautiful" styles so i think I'm going to try that out!

    .:anyway... i am a big fan of your youTube channel and now this one too!:.


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