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Funny. Fashionable. Fabulous is Jade get to know this beauty!!

About me...My name is Jade and I was born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi. I am a true southern belle. LOL!

Where do you live? How is the natural hair community there?
I currently live in DC and commute A LOT to NYC on the weekends. So I claim both as home. In both cities the natural community is very large. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t spot a natural sista rocking a fro or locs.
When and why did you decide to go natural?
I went natural in the summer of 2009. I transitioned for 7 months and in December of 2009 did the big chop. I decided to go natural because I was feed up with my relaxed hair. I always wanted big curly hair and the only way that I could achieve it was to go natural.

Were your friends and family supportive of your decision? If not, how were you able to move forward?
Some of my family members were supportive because two of my cousins had previously gone natural before me so they were used to the process. Of course some of my family had reservations about me cutting all of my hair off but kept their comments to themselves. My friends also supported my decision. In the beginning I tried to style my TWA too much which resulted in some “hot messes” but even then my friends didn’t belittle me.
Describe your hair routine.
My hair routine is easy. I cowash every week and shampoo about once a month. Deep conditioning I only do when I feel my hair needs it so that's about every 2 weeks. I moisturize my hair every evening before bed and every morning with a leave in conditioner. I use essential oils to keep moisture in my hair during the fall/winter but not during the spring/summer.

What are some of your favorite hair products?
My favorite hair products are; Kinky Curly Knot Today; Herbal Essence Hello Hydration; Castor Oil, Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose, Jojoba Oil, Giovanni Leave-In, Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie and Kinky Curly Custard.

Do you have any hair goals? What steps are you taking to achieve them?
I don’t have any hair goals. During my first year of being natural all I wanted was my hair to grow and grow FAST. I would try all types of products that “promoted fast hair growth” but quickly grew tired of wasting money and time. So I stopped trying to achieve “BSL” by certain date and just focused on taking care of my hair.
How has being natural changed you?
Being natural changed my confidence. When I Big Chopped for the first 5 minutes I balled my eyes out. Lol. I had never had short hair before then and thought to myself, “What the hell have I done?” Lol. After a few minutes of admiring my new curly hair and knowing there was no way to attach my chopped locks back to my hair I started to realize that my beauty was not in my hair but it was in me. When I did my Big Chop is was empowering. I was no longer tied to that mentality of the longer your hair the prettier you are.

What are your top 5 obsessions?
• Fashion
• Desserts
• Discovering new restaurants
• Anything techie such as computers, software, cameras & etc.
• Always having a good time no matter where I’m at.

Is there anything else you would like to add?
If you want to know more about me you can reach me....
Twitter: FlawlessMis

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