HBO presents...Happy To Be Nappy & Other Stories of Me

12:49 PM

Have you seen this film?? While flipping through the TV this morning, trying to find something to occupy Niecey Poo, I came across the title of this film Happy To Be Nappy. I was like "Huh...What"! That's not a title you see everyday on your TV guide lol! So I quickly clicked it to see what it was about. Immediately my heart was melted! It had already been on for a minutes before I tuned it and I caught it right when these 2 little black girls are talking about their hair. These girls were talking like I wish some adult black women would! They just love their it moves, what they can do with it and how it's so different from the other girls in their class. The fact that their hair is different didn't matter at all, because they love it!! I look over at Niecey Poo's face and she is hanging on to their every word lol!!I was proud of them like I knew them personally. All little black girls should feel this way, kudos to their parents. After the girls, Mary J Blige narrates a cute poem celebrating our hair :)

The film is not just about hair though. It explores all the many differences that make us who we are and how we deal with them...from a kids point of view. It covers various topics from kids with various backgrounds. It's an awesome film that I think every child should get the chance to see. Heck, even some adults could learn a thing or 2 for these children!

If your interested in seeing it for yourself, HBO will be showing it again tonight at 10:30pm ET Comcast channel 304. Also you can purchase the DVD at for $6.99.

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2 People Obsessing!

  1. My daughter has this book!! Thanks for the info!!

  2. I have the book that I bought my little girl who's not so little now years ago. I used to be in a child's book club and found it.


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