Video: Braid Out Tutorial Using Hemp Seed Butter & Argan Oil

1:12 PM

I got a lot of questions about how I used HSB and AO on my braid out so I figured I'd make a vid tutorial showing you how it's done. This is how I do all my braid outs, even when using different products. Enjoy :)

If you would like to skip through the vid, use the check points below to make your navigation easier...
Video Clips....
Setting Braids
Chit Chat Break - (5:20)
Setting Braids - (7:40)
More Chit Chat - (9:10)
Next Day Braid Takedown - (12:07)
Chit Chat - (12:45)
Separating Clumps - (12:50)
Final Look - (22:07)
Pics - (27:30)

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4 People Obsessing!

  1. LOLz @ more chit chat. It came out really pretty!!

    Editor & Chic

  2. Hey KKQ! Just wanted to tell you that I absolutely love your blog! I'm currently in my fourth month of transitioning and your videos on youtube about your hair journey have helped tremendously. I actually tried to transition a year ago but I gave in and got a relaxer because I didn't feel "pretty" without it. Now I realize that transitioning may not be easy or "pretty" but it will help me focus on what's going on inside. Thanks for all the work you put into your blog! These detailed videos are a huge help.

    P.S. - You and your hair look healthy, happy and fabulous! :)

  3. lol love your facial expressions.
    gorgeous as always :)

  4. @Nia Thank you so much!! Good luck with your transition sis, it's all about having the right mindset. It's not always going to be smooth sailing, but it will get better. There are so many vids on youtube that can give you styling ideas and inspiration to make this part in your journey a little easier. Keep us updated :)


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