A Twist Out....

1:30 PM

Over the weekend I decided to switch up my usual and rock a twistout. Twist outs never stay fresh as long as braid outs on my hair, but I went with it anyway. I began applying Bee Mine Daily Condish to clean wet hair, in 4 sections. I then applied Bee Mine Curly Butter and began twisting my hair into medium sized twists. Once finished the ends were sealed with Castor Oil.

As I moved around the house I pinned them up and added a scarf to keep them off of my face.

And here's the twist out the next day....

The result was cute, but the poofing began around mid day. So that night I set my hair in braids and rocked a braid out the next day lol! Twist outs are just not my thing anymore...

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5 People Obsessing!

  1. i have never used Bee Mine products but you may benefit from using a heavier product or a little more of it to really "set" your twists so your twist outs are more defined and last a bit longer...just a suggestion!

  2. Beautiful Twist and Twist out!

  3. You are the reason why I stalk Beemine Products all the time but have yet to make a purchase! I will be soon! and I almost tempted to buy argan oil the other day for 12 bucks I just couldn't do it for 2oz lol. the PJ in me was SCREAMING!

  4. Your twist out is gorgeous!


  5. Your hair is just gorgeous. I'm so glad I stumbled across your blog!


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