Solange & Juelz Get Artsy For Japan

11:26 AM

After the recent tsunami/earthquake in Japan, singer Solange and son Juelz decided to show their support through art. Solange tweeted this adorable pic of Juelz getting his paint on in the name of charity and of her modeling her son's designs. If you would like more information on where to purchase these tees and/or paintings follow Solange on Twitter.

 "Here is Julez working very hard on his design:) I'm very proud of him..." 

"Website to buy my son's "Julez for Japan" shirt will be up in 24 hours. ALL proceeds benefit"

"me & my bro Ty proud to b rock'n our T's"

Sidebar...Solange's hair is definitely on the grow! When asked about her hair growth she tweeted "Its them juices, berries and poetic justice braids that grew my s*** out." LOL!

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3 People Obsessing!

  1. Haha I also follow her on twitter, and was crackin up over that tweet about her hair. I think that's so awesome, her collabo with Julez! Let's keep praying and supporting Japan!


  2. Wow, love Solange's hair. It's grown so much! Also, the tees are cool. :-)

  3. Wow, her son is old enough to paint? I thought he was about 2 yrs old now--time flies!

    And what's up with her brother wearing gray nail polish---I know being the only boy in the fam is hard but can't give it to the fem side dude!


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