Help A Fellow Natural Achieve Big Things!!

5:39 PM

Hey Guys! I received this email from a fellow natural who needs our help to win Taren916's youtube contest. All you have to do to help out is to give her video a thumbs up!! All of the information is below.

I wanted to know if you and your readers could help me out. I entered a contest on YouTube, Team Beauty “Win Your Own Beauty Product Line” and I was selected as one of the top 5 finalist. The person who gets the most “likes (thumbs up)” on their original contest entry video will win You need a YouTube account in order to “like” the video (sign-up is quick and easy and you WILL NOT get spam). Voting takes place February 23 - March 10. The winner will have the opportunity to launch a capsule line, all expenses paid. The winner will be featured in Ebony magazine.

The name of my product line is "Forever Loving You." The concept of the line is reminiscent of the signature line of a letter or card, such as sincerely, best wishes, love. I am signing this product off to women with the closing line “Forever Loving You.” It serves as a reminder to women that someone loves you and has your best interest in mind. Hopefully this small gesture will help women rebuild their confidence and place them in the position to out pour love to their family, friends, lovers and whoever else. 
I feel that self-confidence will help you attain everything that life has to offer. A lack of self-confidence places women and girls in vulnerable situations. If women have a product line to help them enhance their beauty naturally, that will be the first step in rebuilding or maintaining their self-confidence. 

Forever Loving You is a hair and body product line. The products have non-hazardous, natural ingredients such as exotic oils, butters and extracts. I have been formulating these products for over 2 years now and I finally have the opportunity to sell them. If I am able to launch my product line I plan to donate to charitable causes. Hopefully, you believe in my vision and are willing to support me.

I was natural until I was 17 years old when I got my first relaxer. I knew it wasn’t necessary to have a relaxer but I wanted one anyway. I only relaxed my hair at most 4 times a year. It was generally 3 times a year when I would travel back home to Miami (thanksgiving or Christmas break, spring break and summer). I decided for my 21st birthday that I wanted a short cut. Since I hadn’t gotten a relaxer since the winter holiday my haircut resulted in me being natural. I experimented with wearing my hair curly but it didn’t always turn out good. A friend told me about your site and some YouTube channels and that helped me achieve good results. I even started making my own videos a year later (sweeteababy0427).

Natural hair didn’t actually spark my interest for natural products. It just so happens that I was natural (again) when I started my quest for natural products. My internship at the Reproductive Health Technologies Project in DC my senior year is what inspired me to seek natural alternatives for beauty products. My coworkers and going to a congressional hearing about the hazardous chemicals in products actually inspired me. I began looking for natural beauty products but I was not thrilled by the results. So, I decided to make my own. For some reason (probably my chemistry background), I wanted to venture into more sophisticated formulations. With trial and error I was able to develop successful formulas for hair conditioners, lotion, gels, cleansers using natural non-hazardous ingredients. I then decided I wanted to take it to make it a business but I did not have the funding. I literally watched the contest video when I decided to take a short break from deliberating on how to make my hobby into a business. Hopefully, with your help and your reader’s help I will be achieve this goal.

I would like to thank you in advance for you support!
Shana Green

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