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About Me...I live in Atlanta and the natural scene is very prevalent here. You are guaranteed to see 3 or more natural hair women no matter where you go which is really awesome. Natural hair was really foreign to me. I was in high school at the time and I didn't know anyone who wore their hair natural. I stumbled upon one summer day in 2004 and I thought the versatility and creativity on there was so beautiful. I clicked on that site and spent hours on end looking at Fotki pages of thick, luscious hair and I never looked back.
After that day I began my first transition I would cornrow my hair every week. I had not had a relaxer in four months until my mother figured out what I was doing just in time for back to school. My mother disapproved of me going natural especially leading into my senior year with prom coming up. So I was forced into getting a relaxer!
My last relaxer was May 4, 2005 for my senior prom. I transitioned for 10 months afterwards, using braids, rollersets, conrnrows, and even a few sew-in weaves (I had never worn a weave before then). I have know been natural for 5 years (Big Chop April 2, 2006).

My current hair routine...I wash my hair once a week (if I'm not being lazy) and decide on which 1000th product to use from my mini beauty supply closet LOL!  If it is a deep condition week I usually leave that in as long as possible as an excuse to not finish the job right away. I detangle (which is the longest part of the battle) and then I style. Styling is the fun part for me and I wish I had a personal shampoo girl to take care of the rest lol. I normally do styles that I create off of the top of my head, accessorize and go!

Products my hair luvvs...
•Organic Root Stimulator Lock & Twist Gel - great hold. This is my main stay for all styles really. I can't live without it!
•100% Unrefined organic coconut oil - gives great shine
•100% Pure Shea Butter - great versatile product. I use it on my hair in the winter and my body.

My favorite hairstyles...My favorite go to hairstyle is definitely a twist out. I love the versatility I can achieve by making the twists bigger or smaller. I also love to do creative styles --->HERE and retro updo's --->HERE.

My top 5 obsessions are...
•Bright nail polish
•The Braxton Family Values ( their mom is hilarious!)
•Spin Class (those stationary bikes that hurt like hell, but the weight loss results are FAB)
•And now anything wedding related and not turning in to a Bridezilla! (I got engaged on Christmas Day)

How has being natural changed you?
Being natural gave me more confidence as I was somewhat shy growing up. I use my hair as an art expression and I use bold creative styles that always command attention. It has also allowed me to change other areas of my life regarding health including,drinking more water, vitamins, and exercise.

Advice for transitioners...
The transition may be rough dealing with the 2 textures, but it was honestly one of the best decisions I have made. There is no magic pill to take to get long hair enjoy your journey no matter what length your hair is. Maintain a positive attitude, love your hair, and focus on the bigger picture of your new beautiful head of natural hair!

Anything else you would like to add.
Upcoming Fall 'Fro Fashion Week September 23-25, 2011. Curlfriends Collectables t shirts! 9 characters with different hair styles and personalities.

To learn more about Tarin and all the exciting things she has going on highly recommend you visit her blog--> and to stay updated on her latest tutorials and vlogs subscribe to her youtube channel --->

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  1. She's so pretty! And her hair is gorgeous!

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