Pamper Your Scalp...

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...It will thank you later.  Here's a few oils that are sure to nourish and protect your scalp.  I apply oil to my scalp every time I shampoo or co-wash and once a week for a relaxing scalp massage.

Jojoba Oil : Conditions your hair and prevents it from being brittle and dull.

Hemp Seed Oil : Considered to be the #1 nutritional oil for health, because it has the highest and most complete profile of essential fatty acids (EFA's, good healthy fats).  A healthy blend of omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids.

adara Organic Virgin Coconut Oil : Helps to lock in moisture which is essential for healthy hair

Lucia Iraci - Vintage Oil : A high strength repairer for dry or damaged hair to restructure, repair and untangle.  A great mixture of many different essential oils

Rosemary Oil : Regular use of rosemary oil helps in stimulating follicles, as a result of which, hair grow longer and stronger

Hollywood Beauty Castor Oil : Helps prevent split ends and breakage.  Excellent conditioner for natural, pressed relaxed or color treated hair.

Coconut Amla Revitalizing Hair Treatment : Extraordinary Indian oil blend of Coconut, Amla, Henna and Avocado - each vitamin-enriched oil with its own agenda for taking the guesswork out of luscious locks

Nature's Gate Vitamin E Oil : A blend of Vitamin E, Grapeseed and Safflower Oils for their soothing, nourishing antioxidant properties.

Proclaim Natural 7 Olive Oil :  A multi-purpose oil is enriched with olive oil, Grapeseed oil, Jojoba oil, Sweet almond oil and other natural botanicals.

Birkin Haarwasser Ohne Oil : Hair treatment imported from Germany that helps strengthen the hair follicles.

Amla Hair Oil : Enriches your hair with the natural goodness of Amla, strengthening and giving your hair a natural glossy shine. 

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