How can I get my hair to grow?

7:08 PM

Today's counsel is dedicated to those who are transitioning or who have recently did the "BIG CHOP".  Many of us when we first decide to go natural really don't understand what exactly we're getting into.  We get so caught up in length that we totally forget about the health of our hair. I get so many emails and comments on both YouTube and Fotki about what products can I recommend to get someones hair to grow longer and faster. 

Well, let me let you guys in on a little secret.....No such product exists.  Trust me if I knew of such a thing my shelf would be fully all 

The best advice that I can give on achieving whatever your length goals are is to have patience.  Your hair will grow but, you have to be willing to put in the work.  Like....

  • choosing the right products
  • establishing a hair regime that works for YOUR hair and stick to it
  • doing YOUR own research....its YOUR hair not mine


After you've been natural for a while, caring for your hair will a piece of cake.  And all of your hard work will pay off big time. 

If any one else has some advice for those who are transitioning and/or newly natural please do so in the comment section below.

And if you have a question that you would like answered in "Weekly Counsel" please send me a private message.

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2 People Obsessing!

  1. I couldn't agree with you more! Great pointers.

  2. You're so right it becomes easier with time!! I've been chemical free since March "08". Yes it's been a struggle but what helped me is low to little manipulation and cowashing. I no longer use shampoos (was using CON but it did nothing for my hair). Also wearing twists (2strand) has also helped.


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