Get To Know Her : Laura Izibor

7:48 PM


Laura is a singer, song writer and producer from Dublin, Ireland.   I love everything about her hair.  We need more celebs who are proud to where their natural hair its natural state...on a regular basis...Oprah..hehe

Click the link below to see her video for " From My Heart To Yours ". ...One of my favs. (Official Website)

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3 People Obsessing!

  1. I think her hair rocks too!

  2. I LOOOVEE Laura Izibor. Her hair, music. From my heart to yours is one of my favorite songs. & when i found out she was part Irish like me, I fell in love. lmao I actually went and got her album which i don't do(can u say download lol).

  3. I love her hair and music..good post KKQ!


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