Show Off: My Niecey Poo And Her Kinks

2:28 PM

No more braids and barrettes, at least for now, for my little monster.  Let me give you a bit of background on the midget....she's a wild child with tons of energy!  I've always braided her hair into various styles to keep from having to worry about how her hair will look after she has flip off the couch or tried to balance on her head lol. 

So over the weekend I decided to try something different with her hair.  Something that would give her hair a break from the pulling of the braids, something that would be quick and easy to maintain....a wash & go?  Yes!!! I washed her hair with Giovanni Triple Threat Shampoo, applied the Triple Threat Conditioner, which I let sit for 5-7 minutes, then rinsed with cool water.

While wet and with a little bit of conditioner still in her hair I smoothed in some Coconut Oil.  Then I raked/fingercombed Clear EcoStyler Gel throughout her hair.  Not too much though, a little bit goes a long way with EcoStyler and I didn't want it to be too crunchy.  Here's how it looked wet....

After if dried I pulled it up into a puff...

On my next shopping trip I plan on getting her some Aloe Vera Gel, which would be a better choice for her young hair.  It will probably keep herhair moisturized and less crunchy...lesson learned.  The next day I spritzed it was a  little smushed, she's a wild sleeper, so I sprtized it with water and fluff.  Her curls sprung right back up!!   I should have thought of this sooner lol!

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  1. good tip. Thanks. My daughter's 2.5 years old. I've never tried a wash and go but i want to. Was a bit skeptical about using Ecostyler gel in her hair after reading that this was one way to do a wash and go. Did u ever try the Aloe Vera Gel? How did that work out compared with the Ecostyler?


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