Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Scalp Treatments for all Hair Types

No matter what hair type you have, one thing remains the same for all ... Healthy scalp = Healthy hair.  I suggest using these in addition to your regular pre-poo or with your deep conditioner.

Normal Scalp:
1/2 tbs of rose water (has antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties)
1/2 tbs of mineral water (helps to stimulate hair growth)
1 tbs of your favorite oil

Oily Scalp:

Oily scalp types are often associated with oily skin types.  With oily hair, the scalp produces too much oil, which can attract dirt, resulting in a greasy hard to manage appearance.
3 ounces of  witch hazel (astringent)
3 ounces of mineral water
Pulp of 1 lemon (natural conditioner and imparts a natural shine to hair)

Dry, Tight Scalp:

Dry hair lacks the oils need to keep the hair shaft and scalp properly moisturized.  This scalp type needs plenty of nourishmment to function properly.  Most naturals have this hair and scalp type.
2 ounces of  warm olive oil (moisturizes and softens the hair)
1 teaspoon of wheat germ oil ( high content of tocopherols (Vitamin E)
1/2 teaspoon of rosemary oil (helps grow hair faster & is good good for knocking out dandruff)
3 drops of  lavender oil (has antiseptic & anti-fungal properties)

Section hair in 1-inch widths and dampen the scalp at each parting with a saturated cotton ball (or you can just use your fingertips).  Re-wet your fingers in the solution as necessary.

Here are some of the products listed above....

And here are some links to find the others....

Heritage Rosewater :

NSI 100% Pure Lavender Oil :

Wheat Germ Oil :

All other products mentioned can be found at your local grocery store.

Dark & Lovely Tries To Pimp Out Shea Butter!

Oh No They Didn't !!!!  Gurl Yes They Did...

While getting my daily fix of bad reality television (yes I'm on BET a Dark & Lovely commercial pops up on my screen.  Now I've seen this commercial many times before but, for some reason this time enough was enough.  Are you really trying to convince me that relaxing my hair with a relaxer that has shea butter in it is any better than using a relaxer without it?!?  I'm no hair expert but, Im not a total idiot either.  Chris Rock's "Good Hair" documentary (which I still haven't seen btw...and don't plan on it) shows what the chemicals in a relaxer can do to a soda can, I don't think adding shea butter will make much of a difference.

I tweeted my opinions on Twitter last night ....

@KinkyKurlyQueen Shea Butter in relaxers...Im struggling to find the point in that 

Apparently I wasn't the only one who felt this way...Here's some of the feedback I got from my followers...

like putting vitamins in crack, LMBO -@SmrtNBuetiful

They are trying to make perms more "natural" by adding shea butter... lol... -@Blackposimage

I asked myself the same thing when I saw the cmrl. I think its their way to combat the fallback from #naturalhair -@GoogleMeBabe

It boosts the moisture making hair soft, shiny and supple (insert picture of hair strand with the shea butter soaking in) -@Talisa3636

Do you really want the "white girl flow"? i would rather have the "natural shake" myself! LOL -@napturalroots

Im thinking that shea butter don't cancel out that chemical....SMDH -@Sosigmasexy

That shea butter relaxer is the biggest joke I've EVER seen on a relaxer box. These companies really need to be ashamed -@OnMyJourn3y

I don't understand y these hair companies think putting shea butter in a chemical that can burn through skin is gonna help anything -@NaturalDiva09

I think its a set up -@ItsRaeRae

I can't stand these companies putting SHEA BUTTER on their product to make it sound good... It's advertising fraud I swear! -@BelleBells

Your Thoughts ??

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Teeny Weeny Twists Week #2

Although Monday October 26th started week #3, I thought I'd show you guys a few pictures of my hair from last week (week #2).  The first two pictures were taken after I moisturized my ends with some Shea Butter.  I don't put too much on because it can start to feel greasy.  I apply just enough Shea Butter to keep my ends soft and frizz free.  Any residue left on my hands I just run it through the length of my hair.  Shea Butter gives my hair great shine and keep my hair moisturized for days.

Next is just a few flicks of how I wore my hair throughout week.  Nothing special...

Note:I have not wash my twists, and I don't plan on washing them, which is why they have they have been able to last this long.  I already know the minute I submerge my twists in water I might as well be prepared to take them  And I not ready for all that yet.  I sure I'll be able to get 2 more weeks out of these bad boys.

Pictures from this week (week #3) will be posted next week ;-)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Natural Hair Chats On Twitter?


Every Sunday at 10pm ladies from all over meet up on Twitter to talk about one thing ...Natural Hair!!!  Its fun and informative exchange between those who are natural and want to share what they know.  Others who maybe tinkering with the idea of going natural and some who are already in the process of transitioning.  Or meet some cool ladies who love their natural hair just as much as you do.

All you have to do is type "#naturalhair" in the search bar.  A timeline will pop up with all recent tweets about natural hair.   In order for your tweets to be shown in the timeline your account has to be unlocked and you must type in #naturalhair after every tweet. Simple...Right!

Hope to see you there :-)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Kimora Gets Emotional

This clip gets to me every time I watch it ...sniffles


How old were you when you first got a relaxer or had you hair flat ironed?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Trey Songz & His Curly Leading Lady

While sifting through comments, about Rihanna's new single (which I love btw), on Necole I came across these gorgeous shots of singer Trey Songz video shoot.  Yeah he's cute and all but my eyes automatically went to her.  I don't know much about her except that her name is Grace and she's adding some natural flair to this video in a very sexy way.

For more pictures and song info please visit Necole

Update: Her full name is Grace Mahary.

Teeny Weeny Twists : Week #1

I never thought I'd say this, but I like these twists more than my braids. They're alot easier to put in and I'm sure they'll be a breeze to take down (compared to taking down my braids).  To protect my twists at night I cover the top of my head with one of my hubby's old wave caps.  The wave cap or do-rag, as some like to call it, keeps and short strands laid down and fuzzies at bay.  Then I protect the ends my satin bonnet and to sleep I go.

As far as styling goes, I haven't had a chance to play around with it too much.  After putting all these twists in I really don't feel like being bothered with my hair at all.  Most of the time I just let them hang loose or if I'm in the house I just keep my scarf/bonnet on.  When I did put a little effort into it here's what I came up with....

Messy Updo

An easy style to do that requires no bobby pins and didn't create stress for my edges.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Celebs and Their TwitPics

Stars are just like us.  When they're feeling good about themselves or just plain bored, they like have they're own personal photo sessions.  Lucky for us they Twitpic they're photos so we can see them too.

Russell & Kimora's youngest daughter Aoki Lee on vacation 

Former Danity Kane member Dawn Richard

"rockin my nefertiti look.. i love a good natural do...headed to the studio"

Actress (Half & Half, Half Baked, The Craft) Rachel True

" Do I really always look this suspicious, or suspect?! "

Actress (House of Payne) & Model Denyce Lawton

"I did my proof pic b4 @Oprah did LOL! Its ALL My hair! I DIDN'T CUT it, when u C it short, its a wig, when its LONG, ITS ALL MINE! "

Singer Solange Knowles looking gorgeous at age 16

" 16 year old bald headed guhl. "

 Amanda Diva being silly

Thursday, October 15, 2009

WC : It All Starts At Home ....

Re-post: Going through my archives I came across this post I did a couple months ago and wanted to share it with you guys again...Enjoy :-)

I went back and watched a few more clips of the "Good Hair" episode of The Tyra Banks show and got upset all over again.  The children on the show had such a strong dislike for who they really are and it's all because of the parents.  If you constantly tell a child that spinach is disgusting , then before they even try it they'll hate it just because mommy hates it.  Same thing goes when you tell a child that her hair is too hard to handle or why can't your hair be like this and not be like that.  Your feeding that negativity straight to her.  Think before you speak when talking to a child ,because they are always listening even when it seems like they are not.  When I do my niece's hair they are no tears and I think she actually likes getting her hair done.  And when I'm done I turn her head from side to side and say, in a goofy kid voice, "Awww Pretty" over and over again.  I know it's silly right but she loves it.  And when I do my hair she comes and does the same thing to me.

All the things that makes us who we are begins in the home.  The way we carry ourselves and the level of self esteem we have comes from having a great support system behind us.  People who love you for being you no matter what hair type you have.  Below are a couple of clips and links of mothers taking the time to learn how to care for their children's hair.  And teaching their children along the way.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

All Twisted Up...

After weeks of feeling a little overwhelmed by my hair and out of just pure laziness, I decided to throw my hair in a protective style.  I didn't want to braid it because it seems like I always have my hair in braids and that can be quite boring.  Buns are a waste of time for me, my hair is so thick that they always leave me with a throbbing headache.  Large twists are cool but, I usually end up messing them up by touching them so much.  So after much debate, I blew out my hair, using Frizz Ease Straight Answer and BB Oil Moisturizer on the ends, and just started twisting with no real thought of the outcome. 

The more and more I twisted the better it started to look , so I kept going.  Very small amounts of Raw Shea Butter was used on each twist to keep the hair smooth and here's the final result...

Smooth and shiny twists.  Everyone keeps asking me how long will I keep them in?  I honestly don't know.  I don't think they'll hold up as long as my braids do, which is about 4+ weeks.  But if I can get at least 3 weeks I'll be fine with that.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cassia Treatment #2

The results were even better this time around.  I ended up using the leftovers from last month, that I had frozen in the freezer, and half a pack of dry Cassia.   I then added in some water and about 3 tablespoons of Coconut Oil.  Applied the mixture to my hair same as before and left it on for 3 hours.  When it came time to rinse, instead of dunking my, head in the tub like I did before, I  placed my head under the running water and allow the force of the water to remove all the excess Cassia.  That way when I got in the shower I wouldn't have green mud all over my shower...Eww!  Once in the shower I co-washed several times with Suave Tropical Coconut Conditioner.  For regular co-washes this conditioner does nothing for my hair, but it gets the job done for removing Cassia..idk. 

Here are a few pics of my hair after a couple rinses.  In one of the pics you can see a little bit of the Cassia still on my scalp, I eventually got it all out though.

Once all the Cassia is removed I deep conditioned with Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose Conditioner (Awesome condish) for about a hour.  In the end I was left with soft, strong and moisturized hair.  My curls were popping all over the place.  I think I'm in love with Cassia  I'll be doing my third treatment the beginning of November, and that's when I'll give my final verdict and decide if I'll be purchasing more or not.

**Note: This treatment was done on Monday October 5, 2009

To see and read about my first experience with Cassia click here.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Aron Ranen's Black Hair Documentary

Browsing through YouTube I stumbled across this black hair documentary.  The film focuses more on the frustration of black hair care manufactures and the dominating Korean distributors.  It's a really interesting and informative documentary.

To purchase this film visit

 Below is an update video...Peep the video to see which well known celeb/singer repping a Korean owned hair company....Interesting.

Thoughts ??!!??

Girl, She Know She Cold!!

You ever been out somewhere and noticed a another female not properly dressed for the weather, frontin hard like she ain't cold.  You know the one that shows up in a short-sleeved shirt and everybody else is in sweaters.  Uh huh, that one!  Well lucky for her I found some great coats that will keep you warm and stylish. 

I got my eye on the Fred Flare pleated houndstooth... Soo cute !

Friday, October 2, 2009

Kourtney Kardashian Gets Caught By the Paps

Our favorite big sister in reality television, Kourtney Kardashian, was snapped by the paparazzi engaging in an act most of us wouldn't want shown around the world.  Paparazzi took shots of Kourt doing what a lot of celebrities do but, never talk about.  She was getting her weave done.  Call me naive but, I always thought that the Kardashians wore they're real hair and it was naturally thick.  On her blog she says she says she weaves to add fullness because her hair is so thin.  Also on her blog she writes that she applies a mask to her hair once a week, and that K Pak by Joico is her favorite, she likes the smell.

Am I the only one who's suprised?

Obsessed Mail: Overbearing Mother...What To Do?

A Naturally Obsessed reader asks...

Q: I've been trying hard to convince my mom to let me go natural but, every time I bring it up she says NO!!!  What should I do?

In my opinion, I would be trying to figure out why she's saying no.  Why is she so opposed to something that your obviously very interested in?  In my mind I'm trying to come up different reasons why she would say no but, maybe she's not comfortable with her natural self enough to let you explore that side for yourself.  It's a very selfish way to be but, it happens often with some parents.  She may have her own close minded perception of beauty but, that shouldn't stop you from bringing up the issue.  Invite her to sit with you and show her the blogs and different sites, like YouTube and Fotki, where women celebrate their natural hair.  I know parents can be stubborn and set in their ways sometimes but, be patient and hopefully she'll come around.  And if not wait until your grown (Grown :Having your own place, Paying your own bills, Not being dependent on your parents)  and go for it !!!  I hope this helps you.  KKQ :-)

How would you approach the situation?

Solange Knowles In Honey Magazine

Miss Knowles recently sat down with Honey Magazine for an exclusive interview, where she discussed everything from fashion to spending quality time with her son Juelz.  She also talks a little bit about her hair history and the reaction from her fans of her recent appearance on Oprah.  Below is just a snippet of the interview....

Obviously, it’s a different reaction with you because of who you are, but have you found that you’re received differently by the general public than you are with the long hair?  How does the outside world treat you?
The first picture of me when I cut it off — I had no idea that there was any photography going on. I was looking like someone taking their kid to school at 7 o’clock in the morning in jeans and a top and no makeup on, no earrings, no nothing. That reaction was very harsh, very negative. I think it was the initial thought of change in someone that freaked everyone out. As a society we equate beauty with the images that have been placed in front of us since we were little kids. Every Disney movie, every fairy tale, every pop star typically has a certain aesthetic and look. I think that anytime we see something different, it freaks us out. The more people warmed up to it, and they saw more images of me with it and dressed up with my earrings and a little something, something on my face, I think then people were more willing to conform and accept it. Now, it’s interesting how the first day I had it, I had nothing but negative, evil, cruel things in my inbox and then yesterday [after Oprah aired] I had 300,000 people saying ‘Oh my God, you looked amazing, so beautiful, and you made us proud.’ People were able to hear my reasoning, which is good and bad because we should be able to just express ourselves.

To read more of this interview click here !

Quotes and pictures courtesy of

 Digging Solo's hot pink jumper grab yourself one at

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Nia Long brings "Good Hair" to Chelsea Handler

Chris Rock is not the only one the promotion train. Nia Long, who is featured in his documentary "Good Hair", is getting the word out as well and bring it to the Chelsea Lately Show. Take a look at how she breaks down being "weave worthy" to funny :-)


Video courtesy of

In Review : CURLS Gel-les c

Product Description :  It isn’t a gel, and not quite a serum it’s Curl Gel-les’c (pronounced Curl Jealousy). This botanically based, organic curl styler imparts brilliant sheen, banishes frizz, and holds those twirls in place! Great for humid climates. Transform dry frizzy locks into the enviable curls that every woman dreams of, with Curl Gel-les’c. Go ahead, your curls deserve it!


Ingredients :  Purified Water, Polyquaternium-11, Sorbitol, Certified Organic Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Polyquaternium-37, Vegetable Glycerin, Certified Organic Coconut Milk ( Cocos Nucifera Fruit Juice), Certified Organic Linden Seed Oil ( Tilia Cordata Flower Extract), Certified Organic Flaxseed Oil ( Linum Usitatissimum Seed Oil, Certified Organic Chamoile Extract (Anthemis Nobilis Flower Extract) Certified Organic Rosemary Extract (Rosmarinus Officinalis Leaf Extract), Phenoxyethanol, Caprylyl Glycol.

Cost: $25.00 for 8 oz bottle @

My Thoughts : While I was a little skeptical when I first applied it to my hair, but I quickly changed my opinion as it began to dry.  I co-washed my hair, spray in my leave-in (mixture of water and conditioner) divided it into two big sections.  I had two samples so I decided I'd just use one sample for each side, because I knew using just one for my entire head was not gonna work.  I raked it through my hair the same way I rake in my gel for my wash & go's, a little shake and I let it air dry.  The product felt so light I was afraid I was gonna end up with a huge, frizzy fro, but I'm happy to report I was wrong.  My curls were defined, light and had a more realistic look to them unlike when I use a regular gel to define my curls.  My 4a sections (which is the majority of my hair) came out really nice, but my front 3c section was a little frizzy.  It made my curls soft and added shine as well.

The one thing I did not like about this product is that when I woke up the next day it was a mess.  I fluffed and fluffed and it still wasn't working.  In my opinion, $25 is alot of money to spend on a styling aid, especially when I can get a 40 oz. jar of Eco-Styler (Clear) for $3-$4.  And with Eco-Styler I can stretch my wash & go for 4 days.  CURLS Gel-les c is a good product just not for me.

CURLS Gel-les c on wet hair

Almost dry...

All dry

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