Cassia Treatment #2

12:20 PM

The results were even better this time around.  I ended up using the leftovers from last month, that I had frozen in the freezer, and half a pack of dry Cassia.   I then added in some water and about 3 tablespoons of Coconut Oil.  Applied the mixture to my hair same as before and left it on for 3 hours.  When it came time to rinse, instead of dunking my, head in the tub like I did before, I  placed my head under the running water and allow the force of the water to remove all the excess Cassia.  That way when I got in the shower I wouldn't have green mud all over my shower...Eww!  Once in the shower I co-washed several times with Suave Tropical Coconut Conditioner.  For regular co-washes this conditioner does nothing for my hair, but it gets the job done for removing Cassia..idk. 

Here are a few pics of my hair after a couple rinses.  In one of the pics you can see a little bit of the Cassia still on my scalp, I eventually got it all out though.

Once all the Cassia is removed I deep conditioned with Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose Conditioner (Awesome condish) for about a hour.  In the end I was left with soft, strong and moisturized hair.  My curls were popping all over the place.  I think I'm in love with Cassia  I'll be doing my third treatment the beginning of November, and that's when I'll give my final verdict and decide if I'll be purchasing more or not.

**Note: This treatment was done on Monday October 5, 2009

To see and read about my first experience with Cassia click here.

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