In Review : Cassia Obovata

10:05 AM

So for starters here's some quick info about Cassia : There is NO such thing as  neutral henna or blond henna!  Much of what is sold in boxes called neutral or blond henna is Cassia Obovata, usually with unlisted adulterants.  Cassia obovata will make damaged hair silky, thick, lustrous, and helps keep your scalp healthy, just as henna does.  This has a golden yellow dye molecule, but it won't show up on your hair unless you are very pale blond or gray.  Cassia will not make dark hair golden.  Cassia will make gray or blond hair golden.

I first heard about Cassia while picture surfing on Fotki a year ago.  But I never really took the time to figure out what it was or what it could do for my hair.  I assumed that it was just henna with a different name and that it would eventually loosen my curl or dye my hair.  While I still wanted the conditioning benefits of henna I couldn't risk permanently altering my hair.  So a few months I stumbled across a couple of older posts on Curly where she discusses Cassia.  She mentions that while Cassia delivers some of the same benefits as henna it doesn't reduce shrinkage or release dye like henna does.  That was good news to me.  I began my own research that day and to make a long story short I tried and my hair loves it. 

Here are a few links that help me understand more about Cassia ...

A step-by-step look into how I applied Cassia to my hair will be posted soon.  Check back in a few .



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