Thursday, March 1, 2012

Video: Goodbye Straight Hair...Welcome Back Kinks :)

Just a random video showing how my kinks revert back and showing how some don't...yikes!!! Enjoy :)

Obsessed Mail: Natural Hair Is Majestic!

Cassel writes...
I'm a white girl who googled "Thayer's witch hazel review" and quite randomly came across your blog. Your stories moved me enough to anonymously praise your work- you've inspired me as a woman! Natural hair is a majestic, powerful thing. Glorious! I have no place to say this but, I don't understand why more people don't embrace their natural gifts. Keep up the great work.
Wow...I love mail like this!! Thank you so much for sharing this with me and I'm so happy to be of some inspiration. That's what this blog is all about inspiring women..not just black women, but all women. I think we all at some point get caught up in societies opinion of what beauty is supposed to be and when you are bold enough to go against that it's an amazing thing. I agree with you, I wish more people would embrace they're natural gifts and with bloggers/vloggers like myself it's happening more and more each day. Thank you, Shana :)

In Review: AG Hair Care, Curly Hair Solutions & More!

I know this video is very long and drawn out, so if you would like to skip through please follow the timeline below. Thanks Shana :)

Pure Silk Protein Treatment by Curly Hair Solutions (0:29) 
AG Hair Care Cosmetics 
Sulfate Free "Smooth" Argan Shampoo (2:42) 
Argan "Sleek" Conditioner (3:54) 
"Set It Straight" Straightening Lotion (5:20)
Organic Extra Virgin Argan Miracle Smoothing Oil (10:23)
Ampro Olive Oil Styling Gel (11:13) 

WEN Pomegranate & Rosemary Treatment Oil (13:00) 

This review is courtesy of I was NOT paid for this review and my opinions are 100% honest.

Obsessive Links: The Art of Daniel Krall

"The piece was for a column they do where people write in and ask light health related questions. This one is about a girl who notices her vision declining because she’s been squinting a lot while texting." -Daniel Krall
Dope!! I so didn't get that interpetation at first glance though lol! The guys...and the dog seem so in awe of the girl with the funky hairdo, I figured it was a play on the whole natural vs. relaxed issue. How would you describe this sketch?

Check out more of Daniel Krall's work here:
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