Obsessive Links: The Art of Daniel Krall

2:34 PM

"The piece was for a column they do where people write in and ask light health related questions. This one is about a girl who notices her vision declining because she’s been squinting a lot while texting." -Daniel Krall
Dope!! I so didn't get that interpetation at first glance though lol! The guys...and the dog seem so in awe of the girl with the funky hairdo, I figured it was a play on the whole natural vs. relaxed issue. How would you describe this sketch?

Check out more of Daniel Krall's work here: danielkrall.tumblr.com

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4 People Obsessing!

  1. I kept looking at her wide she was walking. Like she's about to do a split LOL .. Other than thought I totally thought it was about her hair! Maybe because i'm use to looking at my phone while walking (not that close) so it wasn't out of the norm! Shame on me! lol it's a very dope photo though!

  2. It's a cool pic! I just thought it was because she was texting and walking that she was about to walk right into the pole! LOL This guy has some really neat artwork...checked out his site. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I thought she was going to walk into the pole, and it does not look like she's squinting; however, after reading the intro it looks like she has the cell phone very close to her fact becasue she can't see.

    I like the pic!

  4. Cool pic. I thought he was looking at her like 'why is she starring at the phone so hard'. I love this stuff, thanks for posting :)


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