In Review: SofnFree Milk Protein & Olive Oil Collection

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Back in November I was contacted by a rep from the M & M Product Company to test out their new collection of products.  This new line combines milk, olive oil and Omega-3 to keep naturally curly hair healthy and strong.  Here's a little excerpt from the press release...

"Curly black hair is gorgeous, so women shouldn't consider these structural characteristics as shortcomings in beauty.  They just need to know that their hair might require some special attention to keep it strong, " says Will Williams, director of education and product development.  Milk protein contains calcium to strengthen hair and provide light reflective properties; its anti-irritant benefits soothe the scalp without causing build up on the hair.  Olive oil, long known for its ability to add shine and repair damage, also helps to promote a healthy scalp and well moisturized hair.  Omega-3, rich in essential fatty acids and recognized as a powerful nutrient for the body and brain, rebuilds, strengthens and protects hair from within.  No other hair care line has this triple treatment combination."

I tried all 5 of the products in the picture above and here are my thoughts...

Three Layer Oil:  Cool packaging on this product.  You can actually see the layers of Omega-3, Milk Protein and Olive Oil and you have to shake it to activate the oil.  Sounds corny, but I thought it was a cool  After admiring the bottle I quickly turned it around to check the ingredients list.  Now that Im natural I find myself checking ingredients like never  The second ingredient on the list is Mineral Oil and I was immediately turned off.  Not only does Mineral Oil cause a ton of build up on my scalp, it irritates the heck out of my face. I decided to give it a try anyway while taking my last set of twist down since I was gonna shampoo my hair anyway.  My hair didn't care for it at all and it wasn't very moisturizing like Castor Oil or Evoo  

Daily Growth Lotion:  I wasn't a fan of this product for my hair, but my niece's hair loves it.  Her curl pattern is very similar to mine, but her hair is a lot drier than mine, especially her scalp.  I recently did a set of 2 strand twists on her and it let her hair feeling very soft and moisturized.  I may give this another try on my hair I'll let you guys know when and if my opinion changes.  I'd definitely recommend this for kids.

Leave In Treatment:  This is a very light leave in spray that's supposed to soften and mend split ends.  It can be used for setting twists and braids, but you would definitely have to follow up something a bit more moisturizing.

Deep Conditioning Treatment:  Me no likey this product!!  It contains Mineral Oil too, but again because I was shampooing my hair afterward it wasn't a big deal.  The application started off nice. It has a thick consistency which made it easy to finger comb my hair.  I left it in my hair for about 5 to 10 minutes...And that's when the problem started.  I noticed a slight tingling which felt nice at first, but then the sensation got stronger and stronger.  I can't really find the words to describe the feeling, it didn't burn or sting, it was just VERY unpleasant.  I think to get the full effect of this product I would've had to leave it on longer but I just couldn't take it no more.  I rinsed it out asap!! 

Strengthening Creme:  By far my favorite out the bunch.  Its thick and creamy and the smell is awesome.  This creme works great on my hair and my niece's.  For my next set of braids ( for a braid out) I m gonna try this with the leave in treatment and post some pics of the results.

You can find these at mass-market retailers at a suggested retail price of $5.99 and $1.99 for the deep treatment packet.

**Every product differently for everyone.  You may have the same results as and you may not.**

To learn more about these products and the company please visit M& or follow SOFnFree on Twitter.  If you have any other questions for me about these products please leave them in the comments.

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