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7:19 PM

Like most natural ladies I stalk Curly Nikki's blog constantly.  Her hair is gorgeous and the info gives is always on point.  I've been wanting to try her signature style, "The Twist & Curl", for some time now but wasn't to sure how it would turn out on my hair.  So after watching her video tutorial a couple more times I decided to give it a try. 

The first time I tried it I used Lustrasilk's Shea Butter Cholesterol Plus as a leave in, La Bella Styling Gel and Unrefined Shea Butter to seal the ends.  The results were okay and my hair felt very soft but, the Lustrasilk was lacking in the slip department.  The style lasted for 3 days without re-twisting.  The next time I tried it I decided to mix up my own leave in using water, a few drops of evoo, a couple squirts of Suave Sleek Conditioner and Organics Roots Stimulator Replenishing Conditioner (sorry no actual measurements).  Placed it all in a spray bottle and gave it a good shake.  Then I proceeded to Twist & Curl (below is a step by step instructions on how I achieved the look).... 

1. Co-washed my hair

2. Applied Extra Virgin Olive Oil and divided it into 4 sections

3. Sprayed in my leave in and a little bit of La Bella Styling Gel then begin 2 strand twisting the hair (I did 6 twists for each section, 24 twists all together)

4. On the ends of each twist I sealed with Unrefined Shea Butter

5. Then I began to roll the twists with 1/2 inch perm rods...I only had 12 at the time so I had to double mine up I went ahead and purchased a second set of rods and some End Wraps for the next time I try this

6. Pinned the roots of each twists down with bobby pins and let air dry overnight.

7. In the morning the twists were taken down with some Coconut Oil and fluffed

My hair feels soft and has a lot more bounce than the last time.  Today is Day 2 and I'm pretty sure I'll make it to Day 3.  At night I apply a small amount of Unrefined Shea Butter and cover with a satin bonnet.  In the morning I just fluff and go.  I love it and The Twist & Curl will definitely be added to my regular styling routine.  If you still don't know who Curly Nikki is than shame on you....Just  Please check out her blog @ , you will not be disappointed!  Final results below ...

If you have tried this style let us know what products and techniques you used to achieve the look.  And remember that hairstyles vary from person to person and that's not ever a bad thing.  Take pride in YOUR hair.

Some of the products used...

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  1. I love the results. After 3 days of wearing this style, will you cowash your hair. How often do u wash your hair? Thanks

  2. @Anonymous I co wash my hair weekly and shampoo my hair once a month.

  3. can you explain what cowash is to me.

  4. Love your results! Since my hair is shorter, I do a variation of this style. More like a twist and pincurl - similar effect. I use Eco Styler gel and shea butter to moisturize. To the previous commenter - a co-wash is basically washing/rinsing your hair with conditioner instead of shampoo. It is more moisturizing since shampooing too frequently is typically drying to natural hair :-)

  5. Your hair always looks beautiful!

  6. Love your results. I like this better than the curly fro cuz it's more length. I will def. be trying this style. And yes your hair always does look beautiful.

  7. I've done this style a few times. I've used a few products, but the best thus far is spraying LottaBody on the section I'm working on.

    I also do this style using braids instead of twists. Mine last atleast 1.5-2 weeks, but that's because I go under the dryer for 20 minutes to set the curls.

  8. Gorgeous results!

  9. Hi! I stumbled over your blog searching for hairstyle tips. My daughters hair is getting so long and its always a struggle when its time to comb and style her hair nowdays. Her hair is not relaxed she is 4,5 years old.

    I think your hair looks beautiful, is it relaxed or natural if you don´t mind me asking.
    Hoping that you have some tips to share.

  10. Dear Anonymous:

    Here's two sites for your daughter you might like: and You'll love them!

  11. I have tried the twist-n-curl (yes, I love Nikki too) and have loved my results. On the first day the curls are tight so by the third they have dropped and the set looks even better. Yours came out very nice!


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