Thursday, December 15, 2011

Rain? Who Cares...My Hair Is Natural!!

I hear this statement repeated constantly!! Supposedly because your natural getting caught in the rain withOUT an umbrella is no big deal. many of y'all feel the same way? I sure don't. After how ever many minutes (hours sometimes) of doing my hair and styling it just right I wouldn't dare talk a walk in the rain withOUT an umbrella...if I didn't have to. And if I couldn't find one I'd substitute with a plastic bag or something...anything lol!
With that being said, I still LOVE this picture! 
If you guys find the artist's info please send it my way :)

Video: How I Straighten My Natural Hair

The video is pretty self explanatory and I included some flat ironing tips as well. As it states in the video I recorded this tutorial on 11/24 and maintained the look up until 12/14 by simply sticking to a very simple night routine of pin curling. I recorded clips of that process as well and I hope to get it edited and uploaded asap.
 Check out the video after the jump! Enjoy :)

Saturday, December 3, 2011

iObsess: Marie

name • Marie 
age • 30 where • Chicago 
Hair • Bantu knot outs
Fashion • Classic & comfortable, yet tailored. 
Actions • Blogging. Cooking & baking. Shopping. Holding hands when walking with my husband. Food • Sweets!!! Homemade fresh Drink • Coffee 
The Tube • Dexter, Sons of Anarchy, Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Mad Men, True Blood, American Horror Story, & Revenge. 
Places • Thrift stores. Coffee shops. Stage shows like Cirque du Soleil. I must get back to Hawaii & would love to visit Paris. 
Life • Blogging, and designing blogs at MerelyBlogDesign.
Blog: Facebook: MerelyMarie

I just took a quick at you blog and I absolutely love it! The content, the layout, the pictures...I love it :) -KKQ
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